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1962 - Luigi Ferraro

Presidente Onorario settore subacqueo C.M.A.S.


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War Hero: Gold Medal in W.W. II for having attacked by swimming, alone, four ships.

Pioneer: In 1948, in the Elba island he created the first school in the world of recreational diving and the first diving center. In the 50's in the Tremiti the first cruise-school of history. In 1949 he convinced the Fishing Federation to accept divers in its ranks, and he was their responsible for over twenty years. He created in 1952, the specialty of the Divers Fire Brigades, the first organization in the world to adopt non-military divers for civilian purposes.  He also instructed in 1953 the first Carabineer Divers and Finance Guards.

He founded together with some friends the first Italian diving club. He was among the founders of the CMAS and Vice-President for many years.

In sport he contributed in a decisive way to spread and grow finswimming. He invented the first race in open sea and the Underwater Orientation. Subsequently, the "100 km of the Adriatic" In 1957 he organized the 1st Italian Championship, in '60 the 1st World Championship. In 1952 he invented the first race in the history of apnea.

Inventor: He created for Cressi  the Rondine, the first foot pocket fin and Pinocchio, the first mask with the nose shaped rubber. For TECHNISUB the Caravelle, the first two materials fin, removable by hand, the innovative masks "Nova" and "Bella", the Vega flashlight  the most widespread in the world, a Rebreather with innovative concepts;  he patented the adjustable injection and the use of the Venturi effect of the regulators.

Entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur  he founded TECHNISUB  in 1962, becoming soon one of the most important companies.

From its history they have been made one film and three books but those who knew him remember him especially for his human qualities.

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