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1962 - Roberto Galeazzi

Builder of of Hyperbaric chambers

 galeazziroberto jrROBERTO GALEAZZI Jr. 1911-1994

Roberto Galeazzi, Jr. was born in Turin on 25.08.1911, son of Roberto Galeazzi sr. that tied forever his name to the gold recovery from the Egypt shipwreck by the use of his Butoscopic turret in the middle of 1930. Roberto Jr. after a work experience at the Universal Exposition of Rome (EUR), began working in the family business, which dealt primarily in underwater equipment and was run by his parents. It was a Roberto Galeazzi Jr. initiative the creation of TCAHO (Technical Centre for the Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen) that will bring the Company to build Galeazzi Chambers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and to spread them all over the world. It should also due to him the establishment of the first courses for hyperbaric medical doctors and technicians which eventually led to the creation of the OTI (Hyperbaric oxygen therapy) category and the University specialization in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine. He has been a tireless spokesman in major world conferences of OTI from China to the United States, from Mexico to Europe, holder of more than 30 specific patents of diving and hyperbaric equipments. In 1980 Galeazzi moved the headquarters from the historical city location into a new and modern factory in the La Spezia hinterland. He has been a CMAS manager, founder and president of CIRSS (Italian organization for underwater research), Vice President of the Industrial Association of La Spezia, FIPS (Underwater Italian Federation) delegate, exclusive supplier of the Italian Navy until 80s years of all diving equipment and hyperbaric chambers.  In 1972 Galeazzi built in Marseille for the Hospital Salvator the largest hyperbaric hospital complex in Europe, consisting of nine large hyperbaric chambers. He spread throughout the world, tying them together, the Galeazzi name and La Spezia one.




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