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1963 - Duilio Marcante

Pioneer of Underwater diving

marcante fotoLike most of the pioneers of diving he discovers  the underwater world for spearfishing. Together with Luigi Ferraro he is the founder of the teaching methodology for sport and professional diving. He has been the Technical Director of the Mediterranean Diving Center located in Nervi (GE- Italy), for years Instructors Training Center of the Italian Diving Federation FIPSAS - Chairman of the Educational Committee CMAS. Technical Director of Courses for: Fire Department Divers, Police Divers, Air Force Rescuer Divers, Zurich Cantonal Police Divers, Hyperbaric Doctors organized by the University of Genoa. Lecturer at the Faculty of Technical Dive and Hyperbaric Medicine, University of Chieti, ENFAP Courses - Genoa. Technical Director National Spearfishing team. Federal Commissioner for approval FIPS deep dive free diving records. Chairman of the Underwater section of the Italian federation FIPSAS.

Author of books: Alight Underwater with me – FIPSAS Diving Manual - This is the Sport Diver - Underwater History of Sports Activities. Author of the film documentary: The Formation of the sport diver for FIPSAS; consultant for the documentary Diver’s Life. As a journalist writes for Pescasport e Mondo Sommerso. On Il Subacqueo holds a regular column. Gianni Brera calls him to the Gazzetta dello Sport, for which he writes several articles on the diving sport.

He had the idea in 1954 of the pose of the statue of "Christ of the Abyss" in the bay of San Fruttuoso (Ge), a religious symbol that binds the human spirit to the sea floor and to whom it has disappeared in it. Inventor of the operation of compensation "Marcante / Odaglia."


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