Chairman: Alessandro Marroni

Deputy Chairman: Giuseppe Pippo Cappellano
Vice President: Riccardo Cattaneo Vietti

Director: Paolo Ferraro


Leonardo D’Imporzano
Bruno Rocca
Stefano Ruia



Francesco Cinelli
Antonio Di Natale
Giuseppe Rapetti



Auditor:   Adolfo Magrin

Alessandro MarroniDear Fellow Academics,

the circumstances accompanying this message of mine are unfortunately all but happy; we all suffered a great and painful loss with the tragic death of our President and Friend Sebastiano, whose action is indeed challenging to adequately replace.

But life goes on, and so the action of Institutions that made the History of Diving Activities.

In all frankness Sebastiano and I had already talked about the possibility of my succession to the Presidency, to be planned together at the most convenient time to assure the smoothest continuity and the best cooperation between the two of us and all the Academy Board.

Bu Fate decided otherwise and the Board deliberated to proceed with the plan that had already been agreed in principle with Sebastiano, honoring me with the appointment as the President of the International Academy of Underwater Sciences and Techniques. 

I accepted this appointment with both sadness and humility, but at the same time with determination to respect Sebastiano's legacy, in particular completing the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Ustica Festival, which Sebastiano had so accurately planned and meticulously prepared.

This done, properly honoring Sebastiano's memory, the time for new projects will come, aiming at continuing to give the Academy the prestige it deserves and at making it ever more active part of the International Divers Community life and the growth of the cultural and scientific activities which must accompany it.

My goal is to involve all of you Fellow Academics, providing you with opportunities to share your experience and culture with Divers, as well as with Diving Scientific, Academic, Industrial and Tourism Institutions worldwide, aiming at making Diving Activities ever more sustainable, known, shared, safe and prosperous.

I do count on your help and active participation in this vision, which I hope you may share.

So, in line with today's real time communication world, "Stay tuned on the Academy's Channel", and be ready to be active part of the Academy's Life!

Warmest Greetings to you all and until soon!

Alessandro Marroni