Chairman: Pasquale Longobardi

Deputy Chairman: Aldo Torti
Vice President: Riccardo Cattaneo Vietti

Director: Paolo Ferraro


Bruno Rocca
Giuseppe Rapetti
Leonardo D’Imporzano


Auditor:   Adolfo Magrin

Longobardi foto

Ravenna, 24th December 2020

Distinguished Academicians,

I am glad for your attention and I proudly welcome the Assembly's assignment to be the President of the prestigious International Academy of Underwater Sciences and Techniques.

The Board of Directors, full of proficiency and enthusiasm, will devote itself to listening to the Academicians on how to recover and realize, all together, the wonderful purpose of the Founding Fathers which has the beauty of simplicity: "to encourage the development, the dissemination of underwater activities and the spread of love for the underwater world in an interdisciplinary context ". With this spirit leading personalities at international level will be identified to assign the "Golden Trident" award of excellence and welcome them to the Academy

The Academy is a partnership of excellence and has a precious heritage of renowned persons with their exciting stories of both scientific and technical achievements, exploration and records. The story of each Academician is a precious gem that deserves to be kept, told, valued to catalyze the attention of talents from the real world of today's diving. With this experience, it is easy for the Academy to be the cultural and emotional reference for those interested in diving activities and the ideal place for debate on current issues.

Until the 2022 Assembly, the Board of Directors will work hard in this direction, keeping the Academicians updated.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Pasquale Longobardi

President of the International Academy of Underwater Sciences and Techniques